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We want to show the world that you can make sustainable energy from waste products

How do we achieve this?
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That is why we will build an innovative facility that can convert biomass (such as waste wood) and other residual flows very effectively into sustainable gas. This gas, also called 'green gas' can be used in homes and businesses, in industries or for passenger transport. Green gas is transported via the existing gas grid, making our gas a sustainable alternative to natural gas.

Ambigo's partners are contributing to a sustainable future.

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Innovation, research and demonstration

Ambigo is a research and demonstration project. The installation is designed on an industrial scale for the first time, to show the world what our technology can achieve.

Building the installation

At the moment we are working hard on preparations for the project. In 2016 the municipality of Alkmaar issued permits for the construction of Ambigo. The parties concerned have not yet made a final investment decision on the project.

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The project is realised by five partners, with the support and collaboration of a number of supporters.

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Location: energy innovation park

Barnsteenstraat 8, 1812 SE Alkmaar, The Netherlands

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Barnsteenstraat 8
1812 SE Alkmaar
The Netherlands
+31 50 521 2365 (secretariat Gasunie)

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