Innovation, research and demonstration

Ambigo is a research and demonstration project. The installation is designed on an industrial scale for the first time, to show the world what our technology can achieve.

Research is necessary to find innovative practices. Our partners ECN and Dahlman are conducting a five-year research programme. This programme is aimed at optimising the operations of the installation. We want to learn how the installation will react to different raw materials, such as biomass (for example, 'A' grade wood from GP Groot). When the five-year plan is over, we want to use our installation for conducting new research, for example into new raw materials or other applications for our technology, such as green electricity, biodiesel or raw materials for chemistry.

Since Ambigo  is a research and demonstration facility, the installation will not always be in operation and producing gas. When the installation is in operation for 80% of the year, we can supply 1400 homes with green gas for a year.


Innovative technology

Our installation uses innovative technologies developed by ECN, one of our partners. In order to produce sustainable gas from waste materials, we use the technologies described below: